Application development

Ibuildings designs and builds solid internet architectures, web applications and mobile apps. With a passionate group of specialists, we can meet the biggest challenges, thanks to 22+ years of experience and use of the most modern technologies.

Building new custom applications

We build new concepts and innovative solutions that help successfully deploy internet technology for our clients. We make smart use of the extensive library of open source frameworks and content management solutions.
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Modernizing existing applications

In case of challenges with an existing application, the question is often: ‘new construction or renovation?'. Because of our extensive experience with both solutions, we are able to provide well-founded advice on this like no other.
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Enterprise Drupal applications

We have extensive experience in designing and realizing robust enterprise content management solutions in business-critical environments. Depending on the demand, we do this based on Symfony or Enterprise Drupal.
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Hosting, support, maintanance & development

Complete relief for your custom application. From making and keeping your application available to providing second-line support to application administrators.
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Modern web technology

We use technologies such as PHP and the Symfony Framework for robust back-end and API development. And modern JavaScript technologies such as React or Vue for the front-end. For content management environments we use custom Sonata components or Drupal as a basis.

We apply advanced software development practices such as OTAP streets with Vagrant of Docker, Continuous integration and automation, Event-Sourcing, CQRS and Hexagonal architectures.


Our starting point is always to use open and transparent technology that suits your business needs. We believe that ownership and ownership should lie with clients and never with us.

So our deliverable is not only that new application, but also the underlying code, insights, github repository, JIRA history, process descriptions and best practices. We transfer everything.

So that the only reason to stay with us is our quality of service. And never restrictive licenses or other vendor lock-in mechanisms.

User Experience

Design with a focus on user experience and prototyping of digital products. From requirements analysis to lean and design thinking techniques, we make sure users love your digital product!

Application Rebuilding or Modernization

Problems with or changing requirements of an existing application often raise the issue of ‘new construction or renovation’.

Complete new construction is not always necessary. Modernisation of the application is often also a serious option. Good parts of the code are then improved (refactoring) and bad parts are rewritten. This is a good way to gradually replace an application from the inside without a big-bang situation, like rebuilding.

If the technology of an application is sufficiently in line with our expertise, we can easily modernise existing applications step-by-step.
This ensures major improvements in quality and maintainability without having to start all over again. And big steps in functionality, user-friendliness and performance. For example, to make an application suitable for effective use on mobile devices.

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