After the creation of your website or web application, you are only halfway there. The other half of success lies in effectively managing your application. How do you ensure that your website or web application will still be functioning correctly in a few months time?

Application Support

Regular updates and upgrades are performed on all platforms. This app maintenance must be performed in a timely manner to ensure continuous availability of your website or web application. Of course you want to prevent the customers who use your app from being inconvenienced. It is therefore important to secure your application maintenance. We provide 100% support for applications developed by us or others.

Our maintenance and support process

To ensure that your website or web application continues to perform well after development, we perform periodic maintenance. The maintenance and support process consists of three parts:

Measuring & Monitoring

Based on monitoring tools, we keep a close eye on the performance of your website or web application. This tooling allows us to see exactly how your website or application is performing. This allows us to quickly discover performance problems, bugs or other bottlenecks.

In addition, we can find out exactly where in the application or website the problem occurs. This allows us to roll out repairs quickly and solve the problem immediately. This keeps the impact of the problem as small as possible.

Investigate & Analyze

Every platform needs to be updated and upgraded on a regular basis so that it continues to function securely and effectively. We monitor the market and external developments and determine which updates are required for your applications. Think of security updates or an upgrade of your Drupal CMS.

This way we guarantee high quality software and ensure that your website or web application (continues to) meet the best practices in the areas of security, performance and technology.

Optimization & Maintenance App

In addition to identifying the work needed to keep your app up-to-date, we also advise you on the right time to perform it. In consultation with you, we choose the right time for this and then carry out the updates and upgrades.

In addition to maintenance and security, app support also involves optimization of the applications. After all, every business changes and technical updates to the application are a natural part of this. We agree with you on the app development that needs to be done, plan it and deliver it on the agreed date and time.

The maintenance costs of an app can vary greatly, but we always record all activities and agreements in a crystal clear Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Second-line Support

Do you have your own development team, but need support in a specific area? Our software engineers are able to contribute with capacity, know-how and specific expertise in case of major issues or problems.

Developer working


We provide 100% support up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to providing application support and maintenance for our apps and websites, we also provide support for applications developed by others.
In consultation with you, we discuss your wishes and goals regarding your app, so that we can adjust the maintenance and support accordingly. We then make crystal-clear agreements and incorporate these in a maintenance contract (SLA), so you know exactly what you can expect from us.

In this way, together we ensure that your application is well maintained, effective and secure. Now, but also in the future!

Let's talk about ensuring the continuity of your applications.

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