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When developing a website or web application, it is also important to set up an appropriate content management system. This gives you the freedom to manage your content and set it up according to your own wishes and ideas.

There are several CMS platforms available. The Drupal CMS is one of the most popular. You can have your professional Drupal website created by us, because Ibuildings has specialized in Drupal projects and uses this as the standard CMS platform. The Drupal CMS is one of the most popular open source CMSs in the world. This is partly because Drupal is very suitable for the development of fast and scalable online platforms with many diverse functionalities.

The Drupal CMS is basically a ready-to-use product for content management. On top of that, Drupal is extremely suitable for applying customizations. A feature that is extremely important for business-critical applications.

Benefits of the Drupal CMS

Drupal websites or web applications are the perfect foundation for your online business. Drupal offers out-of-the-box ample opportunities to professionally manage your content, but it also offers a host of other benefits:

Functionalities & Customization

The various modules in Drupal ensure that it can offer much more than just content management. A combination of content management functionalities and the ability to support internal business processes is often used. The platform also offers plenty of scope for incorporating custom functions, making major Enterprise Drupal challenges possible.

Robust & Business-Critical

The Drupal CMS is not the most widely used CMS, but it is the one with the most website visitors. This is because the Drupal CMS is suitable for robust websites and web applications, which deal with large peak website traffic on a daily basis. Thus, the Drupal CMS is the best match for a mission-critical environment that strives for an optimal user experience.

Secure & Flexible

The foundation of Drupal is set up with a focus on security. Because Drupal is open source, many developers from the Drupal community work daily on new improvements and maintainability of the CMS. Because of this ‘built-in’ security and flexibility, many companies choose the Drupal CMS.

Drupal Specialist

Drupal stands for quality and stability. Our software engineers also add maintainability and flexibility during Drupal development.

This is because we know which modules offer the right quality and functionality to meet your needs. We also ensure that your Drupal installation is maintained and remains easily upgradeable. In recent years we have deployed the Drupal CMS for various clients, such as:

  • RTL News / RTLZ / EditieNL / RTL Boulevard / Bright

  • TMG (Telegraaf and their regional brands)

  • ZLM Insurances

  • Alliander / Liander

We know exactly the power of Drupal and the right way to deploy it. Through our knowledge and experience with various Drupal projects we dare to call ourselves Drupal specialists.

Drupal Development

We have extensive experience with both Drupal 9 and Drupal 8 development. We also upgrade environments from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 for our clients, ensuring they are always up-to-date and secure. Because Ibuildings also designs and builds applications with application frameworks besides Drupal, we are perfectly capable of choosing the right tool for each application. And to combine them where possible.

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