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A good foundation for your application already determines the quality of your product. Before starting to develop, we think about the conditions, possibilities, specifications and wishes with regard to the application. Various issues play a role here. For example, will links be made with information systems? Or should the application be developed further in the future? Experience has taught us that thinking in advance about the future of your application always pays off.

Focused on your business

Your application architecture consists of the entire cohesion of applications and information systems within your organization. This obviously includes all operational applications, but also links and connections with internal or external systems. These systems and applications together form the current application landscape of your business and contribute to supporting your business processes.


To make the application architecture future-proof and specific to your business, an extensive analysis is carried out first. Your application architect looks at the information flows, specifications and possibilities that are available. Then, based on these results, a design is made for you, which serves as a ‘blueprint’ for the application.

This design takes into account the business architecture and an appropriate choice is made: Is a traditional architecture sufficient, should we consider a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with, for example, a loose API and different clients? Or is a more enterprise architecture, such as a microservices architecture more appropriate, in which a far-reaching loose coupling, with associated benefits, is important?

The application architecture is the guiding principle for having your product built. Designing a quality app goes hand in hand with a stable application architecture. Prior to the development process, our software architects ensure that the above process is carried out thoroughly. Have you already had an app designed, but are you running into problems? You can also contact us for an architecture audit, so we can provide you with advice on the maintainability, quality and suitability of your application.

A stable foundation for your application landscape

A good foundation is essential. After all, it determines the security, stability and flexibility of your entire application landscape. This is because the decisions made when designing the app architecture cannot be easily reversed. There are many direct and indirect consequences for your business if the software architecture leaves much to be desired. Consider:

  • Instability or even downtime when rolling out new releases.
  • Performance problems and time-outs in the application.
  • Poor control of the (re)development process.
  • Recurring bugs and issues in the application.

The above consequences can be prevented by thinking in advance about your desired application architecture and the final application designs. However, this does not mean that the application architecture and application landscape of your business should never be evaluated again.

As a business grows and the development of your applications progresses, it is wise to look again at whether the application architecture still fits. Adapting to these changing circumstances, also fits seamlessly within our agile development process.

Experience & Expertise

With an eye on the future of your business, our software architects specialize in designing a robust application architecture. We start with quality and provide the ideal foundation for your business-critical business applications (or web app and mobile apps). Curious about which of our services we can provide for your business? Please contact us.

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