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A website, mobile app, or application that is not redeveloped will become obsolete over time. This brings risks such as security breaches, slowness or instability of your application. Standing still means going backwards, which is why continued development of your web application or website is essential to keep your business processes running smoothly.

Ibuildings is an experienced app developer and the further development of existing applications is one of our specialties. Even if the application was developed by another vendor, we can improve and maintain it, with the goal of developing a future-proof app for your business.

Why developing your app is important:

Continued development is important to keep your web solution technically up to date. In addition, new features may be required to keep your app user-friendly and relevant to your target audience. A number of major advantages of developing your app are:

  • You save on time and maintenance costs in the long run, because small updates and larger upgrades are made in a timely manner (such as security updates or a CMS upgrade to Drupal 9).
  • The app or website lasts longer and therefore does not need to be renewed as quickly.
  • By adding new functionality, you can continue to serve your target audience.

The ongoing development process

The first step of the redevelopment process consists of an extensive intake. We will analyze the application technically and discuss your wishes and goals with you. Based on these analyses, you will receive extensive feedback on how your digital product can be improved. We will then make agreements about the further development and maintenance that needs to be carried out to keep your application up to date.

Further development or new build

From experience we know that companies and organizations often struggle with the question whether their application should be developed further or whether it is better to have a new application developed. If the existing app is too dated or requires a different approach, it may be a wise choice to have your application renewed. However, there are often sufficient opportunities to develop an app into a successful app for your target group. We advise you on the proper use of technology and provide you with a suitable proposal for your situation.

Experience & expertise

Ibuildings has experienced software engineers who are able to suggest areas for improvement in terms of performance, security, usability and technology. We work through a transparent, no nonsense process, so that the entire process is transparent to you. You can contact us for various issues relating to existing applications and further development.

What are the advantages of developing an app further?

The advantages of redeveloping an app are basically all about saving time and costs. Because updates and upgrades are carried out on time, an application or website can be used for longer. Good maintenance ensures that the application or website remains technically sound and therefore performs well (enough). This automatically means that the application will last longer and will be less susceptible to replacement. Also, any new features can then be incorporated into the current application, so it remains relevant and user friendly for the end users.

Can I have my app developed further by another developer?

The basic answer to this question is yes. Another supplier can certainly continue to develop an existing application. Of course, various aspects play a role in this. One of these aspects, for example, is the framework of the existing app. Not every supplier can continue to develop with all types of frameworks/code. Furthermore, issues such as the quality of the code also play a role. It is simply not always desirable to continue developing an existing application. We therefore always advise on the correct use of technology and provide you with a suitable proposal for your situation.

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