An important part of the visual communication of your company or organization consists of an attractive graphic design of your online product or service. A graphic design is the translation of what you want to communicate to your target audience through text and image.

Nowadays people are very visual, so illustrations, icons, colors and typography have become essential components for the visualization of your brand. They contribute to the message, the feeling and the experience your target audience has when using your website, web application or mobile app.

From concept to visualization

To arrive at a powerful and effective graphic design, there is a process beforehand to deliver the best possible design (also called design thinking). First, a strategy and concept need to be developed, which have been tested and approved. Only then can a visual interpretation be given to the design. Based on the process below we will work to develop the best possible design for you:

1. Functional Design Application

A good product always starts with a well thought-out concept. In this phase we test the user needs and together with you draw up a first concept of the online product. This is also called Product Design and its purpose is to give direction to the idea, so that what is developed really suits your company and target group.

2. UX Design & Service Design

On the basis of the functional design, a first design is made. The focus here is entirely on the user experience and the design of the product or service. The elaboration of this is the UX Design or Service Design. For UX Designers the focus is on the user experience of a specific online product, where with service design the focus is on the entire online service. This is expressed in wireframes, layouts and prototypes (also called application prototyping) that lay the foundation for a the graphic design.

3. Graphic Design

For a graphic designer it is important to carry out design research in order to create the right visual design. Based on the wireframes and prototypes that are created, an appropriate graphic design is then created based on your corporate identity or the agreed upon guidelines.

Web Design Agency

As your graphic design agency, we help you create meaningful designs for web and mobile. We believe in the power of a well-crafted concept with an attractive and modern visual design. We provide full service from idea to concept to final visualization.

We use a ‘first time right’ principle, in which we work closely with our client. Domain expertise, (technical) know-how and process management come together to achieve a successful end result.

What things play a role in developing a good graphic design?

For a successful design, elements such as alignment, color combination, typography and harmony between all the elements are of course important. This is a matter of experience and using the right tooling. In order to create a good graphic design, the message of the online product must be central. A design should not only look attractive, it should also be functional. To create a good graphic design, design research is necessary. What appeals to the target group? What fits with the identity of the client? Once the answers to these questions have been determined, the graphic designer can start working on the creative interpretation of the graphic design.

What can you expect from us as the graphic designer of your online product?

Ibuildings stands for a 'first-time-right' approach. We know from experience that investing time in thorough research pays off. That's why we first conduct research before we start working on a graphic design. What are the user needs? What are the objectives of the product and how does visual communication contribute to these objectives? With the knowledge we gain in the preliminary process, we can create a design that directly connects to your wishes and needs.

Want to know more about what Ibuildings can do as your graphic design firm?

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