Digital transformation is not something you do alone

Working at Ibuildings, you contribute to the quality of the digital future. We have varied and qualitatively challenging projects in which we can put your unique skills to good use. We have big dreams and high demands on the quality of our platforms and on our own employability. We give you room for innovation. Based on your skills, growth, needs and motivation, you code your own career.

What does Ibuildings do?

As a knowledge-driven technical internet agency, we develop the software infrastructure behind the next generation of online businesses, such as:

  • High-performance websites
  • API back-ends
  • Cloud native software infrastructure
  • Web Apps (PWA) and native apps
  • Enterprise content management solutions

We work from The Netherlands and Belgium with a team of 20+ people with a passion for technology on the online success of organizations!

How do we do that?

And we do this by using open standards, the best open source software components:

  • PHP with Symfony or Laravel for robust backends.
  • React, Vue and React Native for PWA’s and mobile apps.
  • Drupal 10 or JAMStack for CMS solutions.
  • We build new software infrastructure on the AWS and Azure public cloud platforms.
  • CI/CD OTAP Streets, GitLab & Containers.

Check out our employment conditions and the application process at Ibuildings.

Working at Ibuildings during the COVID-19 pandemic

Working FromHome Desk

We believe in trust and freedom. This is how we achieve the best results with the happiest employees!

We work hybrid and are flexible. We usually come to the office three times a week so we know all the ins and outs of current projects and each other. We keep in touch a lot through online social meetings, we use slack and work with the best cloud tools.

We facilitate all necessary hardware & tools to work from the place of your choice. Whether it’s that nice coffee bar around the corner, at home in a soundproof room or at one of our offices. Do what makes you the best! So we can easily - if necessary - work more from home.

We are building the digital future, today.

Why work at Ibuildings?

Where quality is the standard

Within projects, we always strive to achieve the best possible result. This is secured both technically and organizationally.

Ibuildings medewerker
Ibuildings medewerker

In a progressive work environment

The informal and transparent way of interacting and extremely flat organizational hierarchy ensure a pleasant working atmosphere.

With a wide variety of work and projects

From software development to tech coaching and from tech sales support to research.

Ibuildings medewerker
Ibuildings medewerker

Working independently in a team

Everyone has responsibility for their own part but the teamwork ensures that those parts are 1 successful result.

With a strong reflective power

We are constantly looking at bottlenecks and how they can be remedied. And this is safeguarded in the process.

Ibuildings medewerker
Ibuildings medewerker

Good working atmosphere through a mix of professionalism, flexibility and informality

We take our work seriously so that we can deliver quality, but job satisfaction is an important value that is really taken care of.

Growth is important

The basis for the growth of the company is the personal growth of all employees. That is why investments are made in various forms of knowledge sharing, workshops, and conference visits.

Ibuildings medewerker