What does Ibuildings do?

As a knowledge-driven technical internet agency, we develop the software infrastructure behind the next generation of online businesses, such as:

  • High-performance websites
  • API back-ends
  • Cloud native software infrastructure
  • Web Apps (PWA) and native apps
  • Enterprise content management solutions

We work from The Netherlands and Belgium with a team of about 20+ people with a passion for technology on the online success of organizations!

How do we do that?

And we do this by using open standards, the best open source software components:

  • PHP with Symphony or Laravel for robust backends.
  • React, Vue and React Native for PWA’s and mobile apps.
  • Drupal 9 or JAMStack for CMS solutions.
  • We build new software infrastructure on the AWS and Azure public cloud platforms.
  • CI/CD OTAP Streets, GitLab & Containers.

Open positions

No matching open positions?

Would you like to work for us, but is there currently no suitable vacancy? Send an open application to jobs@ibuildings.nl.

Working at Ibuildings during the COVID-19 pandemic

Working FromHome Desk

At Ibuildings we work partly from home and partly at the office during this stage of the COVID-19 pandemic. We facilitate the tools and supplies to be able to work remotely and provide a good homework allowance for the most important expenses.

The application and onboarding process also looks a bit different than usual during this period. This means that we conduct job interviews online. And we have already gained quite some experience in online onboarding of our new employees. A warm welcome from a distance at Ibuildings!

Now that the lunch at the office and the in-person social team meetings are not happening, we keep in frequent contact via Slack or Google Meet and we have the best online social team meetings.

Why work at Ibuildings?

Where quality is the standard

Within projects, we always strive to achieve the best possible result. This is secured both technically and organizationally.

Ibuildings medewerker
Ibuildings medewerker

In a progressive work environment

The informal and transparent way of interacting and extremely flat organizational hierarchy ensure a pleasant working atmosphere.

With a wide variety of work and projects

From software development to tech coaching and from tech sales support to research.

Ibuildings medewerker
Ibuildings medewerker

Working independently in a team

Everyone has responsibility for their own part but the teamwork ensures that those parts are 1 successful result.

With a strong reflective power

We are constantly looking at bottlenecks and how they can be remedied. And this is safeguarded in the process.

Ibuildings medewerker
Ibuildings medewerker

Good working atmosphere through a mix of professionalism, flexibility and informality

We take our work seriously so that we can deliver quality, but job satisfaction is an important value that is really taken care of.

Growth is important

The basis for the growth of the company is the personal growth of all employees. That is why investments are made in various forms of knowledge sharing, workshops, and conference visits.

Ibuildings medewerker

Personal development

Ibuildings stimulates personal development by giving you the opportunity to visit conferences, follow trainings and courses, read books etc. And also sharing your own knowledge: We have regular workshops and lunchbox meetings on a variety of topics to share knowledge with your immediate colleagues.

Together with the variety of projects and technologies, this forms the ideal environment for starting and experienced developers to start or further broaden your career.

"Ibuildings is an experienced and dynamic company that embraces innovation."

‐‐ Martin Roest

We teach you the tricks of the trade, where you will be coached by one of our experienced employees. Together we will look at where your interest lies and how we can shape this into a growth path. What would you like?

  • Do you want to further develop yourself as allround developer, do you want to grow to the position of lead developer or do you want to become specialist?

You can take different paths to make the best use of your talent. We always make sure that you have plenty of opportunities to learn about new techniques. Facilitating a learning organisation is part of our terms of employment.