Security Consultancy

There is a growing need for demonstrably reliable digital communication on the Internet. Legislation and guidelines oblige organisations to take sufficient protective measures against data leaks. Organisations also set requirements for the security level of online communication and storage.

For any organization that offers online services or communicates online with customers, reliability and safety is essential and requires constant care.

Software you should be able to trust

Ibuildings has in-depth expertise in the field of reliability and safety. We can help you make the right choices and take the right security measures. Ultimately, we can use your software with confidence and offer it to your customers, who in turn rely on you.

Security for custom applications is also custom work. Below is a selection of the issues that our experts deal with for our clients:

  • Web application security audits
  • Secure web development consultancy and training
  • Web application security monitoring
  • Identification, authentication and authorization implementations (such as SAML2)
  • Encryption implementations (such as PKI implementations)


Companies and organisations have to comply with increasingly strict requirements in the field of processing personal data. The new AVG (the Dutch interpretation of the European GDPR) requires adjustments to the organisational processes, but also to the software used.

Ibuildings helps you to adapt your existing or new custom-made web applications to the new requirements in the field of processing personal data.

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