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Drupal CMS has become the most popular open source content management platform in the world.

Since the release of Drupal 8, it has made a huge leap in terms of quality and stability. The Drupal CMS is highly deployable in business-critical enterprise environments. Ibuildings has used Drupal as a business critical CMS component:

  • RTL News / RTLZ / EditionNL / RTL Boulevard / Bright
  • TMG (Telegraph and their regional brands)
  • ZLM Insurances
  • Alliander / Liander
  • Stamicarbon & Nextchem

We know exactly the power of Drupal and the right way to use it for content management solutions in a business-critical environment.

Content management

Drupal is strong in content management for websites. Our software engineers add quality, maintenance and flexibility:

  • Quality because we know which modules (out of the many tens of thousands available) have the right qualities.

  • Maintainability** because we install and maintain Drupal in such a way that upgrading remains easy.

  • And flexibility because we can adapt Drupal infinitely to your needs. And that while maintaining quality and maintainability!

Headless Drupal

Traditionally, a content management environment is used to manage and publish content. However, your mobile applications often want to publish the same content. Together with increasing user experience requirements, managing and publishing must therefore be disconnected. Then Drupal becomes the back-end. And the front-end is built on a flexible front-end framework such as Vue or React.

Our software engineers have extensive experience in using Drupal in hybrid environments (progressive decoupling) to fully decoupled Drupal instances (full decoupling).

Drupal for business applications?

In addition to content management solutions, Drupal is also used to develop business applications due to its great flexibility. These are often combinations between content management functionalities and the ability to support (internal) business processes.

Drupal’s great flexibility is also a pitfall. It introduces a lot of complexity in an environment designed for content management. The challenge is to deploy Drupal in such a way that it retains its strength and does not become a stumbling block for the future.

Because Ibuildings designs and builds applications with application frameworks in addition to Drupal, we are perfectly able to choose the right tool for every application. And to combine them where possible.
This ensures optimal use of standard components while providing the quality and robustness required for mission-critical applications.

Want to know more about Drupal for your organization?

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