"With an enormous passion for technology, we work together with our clients on the success of their organization."

Technical internet agency

Ibuildings is a specialised and knowledge-driven technical internet agency that helps companies and organisations with the successful deployment of modern web technology.

We develop the software infrastructure behind the next generation of online businesses. We help with the strategic transition from business to online business. These include high-performance websites, API services, self-service environments, smart mobile apps and enterprise content management solutions.

And we do this by using open standards, the best open source software components, and a robust process which enables us to deliver the right solutions for our clients on time and within budget.

Only customization when it’s really necessary

We design and realise business-critical custom web applications for organisations where a standard website or web application alone is not enough. Our starting point is always:

"Standard where possible. Custom where necessary."

We develop exclusively in custom-made work, which makes our client unique, complemented by standard software components. By using these modern open source components, we realise long-term solutions with the right quality, maintenance and scalability.

Core values of Ibuildings

Within Ibuildings we work on the basis of these core values:

  • Quality: we are critical and strive for the highest achievable execution.
  • Driven: we do with passion what we are good at.
  • Honest: we act honestly and with integrity.
  • Fun: working together in a pleasant environment.
  • Practical: we act in a way that is also pragmatic.

The mission of Ibuildings: Working together with a passion for technology in service to the success of our clients.

Self-managing organization with Holacracy

Holacracy Logo

At Ibuildings we work on the basis of the organizational structure Holacracy. Not a top down structure but a work environment where everyone is responsible for his/her own work within appointed roles. Within each role you self prioritize the work and you self interpret the work.

With Holacracy we keep the work transparent and it is clear to everyone who is responsible for what. This makes our organisation more agile and decisive, and we give everyone the freedom to put their talents to maximum use.

Ibuildings Events

Dutch PHP Conference

Dutch PHP Conference

Ibuildings is the proud organizer of the successful annual Dutch PHP Conference. On 12 - 15 March, 2024, we are organizing the 18th edition of DPC!

DPC brings together 500+ PHP developers, software architects and development managers each year in Amsterdam for a 3-day conference on web development.

We publish the recorded videos of all talks on our YouTube channel.

Visit our conference website for more information about the next edition.

Ibuildings Meetups

Ibuildings Meetups

We organize a monthly meetup at our office in Vlissingen. Every month we have an interesting speaker, workshop or social. Everything about web technology and specifically PHP or JavaScript.

Visit our Meetup page to sign up for the next meetup!


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