Every company has to deal with changing business processes and renewed ambitions. It is necessary that your website or web application evolves along with these changes, so that it continues to meet the intended objectives. Trends and developments in the field of IT and application management also play a role. In short, your business does not stand still, but so do your applications and websites.

The technical knowledge to manage your app internally is not always present. Outsourcing the technical application management is often necessary for this reason, but also has many advantages. Among other things, you save your company a lot of money and time. You can now focus entirely on the functional design of the application. As the technical managers of your application or website, we provide for the change needs from both the business and the technology. This way we ensure that your website or web application continues to perform optimally.

Functional & Technical Application Management

Within application management there are various roles and activities to be divided. Some roles are even close to each other, but there is a clear dividing line between technical application management and functional application management. A technical application manager always influences the core functions of the software and therefore focuses on implementing, improving and maintaining the operation of the web application or website. In functional management, the ‘set-up’ and configuration of the application is central. Here, the functional application manager focuses entirely on the business and user experience.

So functional and technical application management require different expertise, but also have a direct interaction with each other. In practice, we also see these interfaces and we regularly switch with the functional application management of our customers. In this way, together we ensure that the technical and functional application maintenance are completely attuned to each other.

Software you can trust

We develop and manage software you can trust. To realize this, your app management and maintenance needs to be done completely and correctly. This involves various activities, which can differ per application. For this reason we always start with an analysis phase. We deliver our recommendations for the short and long term to you in an advisory report. Next, we determine together which activities we will carry out (periodically). Think of issues such as:

  • System updates (e.g. for frameworks & CMS)
  • Security updates
  • Hosting solutions
  • Code management
  • Plugin updates / patches (modules)
  • Back-ups of the application or website
  • Solving bugs and incidents related to the application
  • Continuing development and implementing improvements

Taking over app management

Of course, which maintenance tasks apply to a specific application, website or mobile app (iOS/ Android App) varies. On the basis of a clear intake process, we make an inventory of which tasks apply to your application. We support all kinds of applications, regardless of whether they run on a desktop, mobile device or iPad.
In a short time, we take over the complete technical management of your application. We do this on the basis of a Service Level Agreement (SLA), in which we lay down the activities and working methods. After this maintenance contract is approved by both parties, we take over the technical app management completely.

Experience & expertise with acquisition application management

With over 25 years of experience in the field of web software development, we realize business-critical web solutions from concept phase, to realization and maintenance. We guarantee before and after the development process, continuous application availability: 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
We perform the essential maintenance tasks, solve problems and implement improvements in the web application. We offer this not only for the applications developed by us, but also for applications developed by others.

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