To make a website or web application available on the Internet, hosting is required. In fact, web hosting is nothing more than space for storing and running the content of your web application or website. Hosting is one of the things that contributes to a stable and secure foundation of your Drupal website, for example. You don’t want your website or web application to be hacked or have performance issues. Stable hosting lays the foundation for this.

Hosting solutions

Cloud Hosting

At Ibuildings we use a cloud infrastructure, which has been developed into a robust and scalable platform. Thanks to major developments in hosting, we recommend using this flexible environment for new applications.

Custom hosting

Complex or bulky applications often require a custom solution to ensure reliability and optimal performance. We have a lot of experience in selecting and managing hosting suppliers. Thus, together we realize and master the hosting solution you need.

Existing hosting solution

If your website or web application is already hosted by another provider, it is also possible to work with your existing hosting provider. Easy and familiar!

Hosting at Ibuildings

With our extensive technical knowledge of software development, we know how to make the right recommendations for your own website or application. We set high standards for the quality of both our software and our cloud platform. For this reason we have realized a robust and scalable platform, with which we support both website hosting (Drupal hosting) and application hosting.
In addition, we maintain and monitor a technical solution to ensure that important IT systems are immediately operational again in case of calamities (also called recovery strategy). In this way we guarantee our customers the best web hosting.

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