Do you need help with a difficult problem? Or perhaps some expert advice? We offer consulting services on an hourly basis by experienced professionals who can solve problems efficiently and provide an outside perspective.

Perhaps you are happy with your website or web application, but it loads slowly and the bounce rate is high. You have your own development team, but they can’t pinpoint the cause of the problem. In such a case, you don’t need to hire someone or set up a project, but you do need a solution quickly.

Can your website be faster? Is your site accessible? How do you know you’re providing a great experience for your users? You may need a User Experience expert to review your site, interview your customers, and create a list of recommendations that your team can implement.

An outside consultant can help you fill in gaps in your knowledge by challenging your assumptions, identifying problems and suggesting areas for improvement. You will receive comprehensive feedback on ways to improve your digital product.

Development Strategy

With the exception of greenfield startups, we see a broad landscape of existing web applications, which have been developed over the years. These often lag behind the changing demands of their own business. And the demands of the new generation of users who expect a faster, intuitive and user-friendly application with modern mobile devices.

From old to new, but how?

However, the road from old to new is one of the biggest challenges for any organization facing legacy custom applications. Over the years, Ibuildings has developed successful development and migration strategies for this.
We help organisations determine the right strategy up to and including the complete implementation of development and migration processes. Through a transparent, no nonsense process, we add experience, expertise and execution power to bite through the sour apple together.

Application Audits

We help companies and organizations with in-depth architecture, performance and security audits of their web applications. If something is not right or can be improved, we make concrete recommendations. And if desired, we help implement or coach developers who get to work with it.

Performance Audit

With a performance audit we analyze bottlenecks and give practical and pragmatic recommendations to adapt the current application in order to deliver maximum performance.
We do this for back-end APIs, databases, links with (slow) external systems and Apache/NGINX optimization. But also for front-end interfaces such as: SPA’s, caching mechanisms, HTTP/CSS/JS optimization.

Architecture Audit

An architecture audit is aimed at analyzing the maintainability, quality and suitability of an application against your current and future expectations.
We analyze the overall architecture of the application: the data model, the object model and the file structure. Is the framework used optimally? We evaluate the implementation of the applied design-patterns (such as MVC) and compare everything against the external requirements of the application. This provides crucial insight into the future security of the application and gives a crystal clear direction to the further development.

Security Audit

Our security audits are aimed at having development teams solve current problems in a practical and pragmatic way.
In addition - and often much more importantly - we bring knowledge and insight to what we call ‘security thinking’. Essential for every developer to expand or modify the application in a secure way, even after a security audit.

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