The world has chosen a future and it is “mobile-first. Technology is shifting from desktops to cell phones and people’s preferences are also shifting with it. Everything is now accessible through smartphone apps. For any ambitious company, a mobile strategy is an inseparable part of the market strategy.

Having a mobile app created is an ideal way to offer your products and services, with 24x7 availability. An app also provides a great user experience in addition to your website or web application.

Having an app developed is a process where design and UX design plays a very important role. By having a well thought out design for your app, you guarantee your target audience an optimal user experience.

The team at Ibuildings has Android and iOS App developers who can create excellent mobile applications that perfectly fit your business model!

Mobile Apps Development Process

Having a mobile app developed is a process that involves several facets. From the app idea and further conceptualization to the final release in the app stores. We follow a well-defined process and project management framework for this.

These are the 4 components needed to get an app created:

Research and planning

What development time should you think about when creating a mobile app? And what exactly does an app cost at the end of the line? To be able to answer these questions, we start with a research in which we make an inventory of all the functionalities and processes that the mobile app has to support. Then we make a concrete plan, in which the development time and budget become clear. Of course, this is fully tailored to your needs and goals.

Designing and wire-framing

Each functionality is visualized in a clickable wireframe model. This gives a good idea of the final navigation structure, the screens and the coherence of functionalities in the app. So, together with you, we design the entire application first ‘on paper’.

Technical development

During the technical realization, we start developing the app. Based on classified sprints, we will deliver a part of the mobile app each iteration. The app will be made for Apple’s iOS and Android smartphones (and/or tablets).

Launch and management

Upon completion of the project, the app is released to the app stores and updated as needed. This keeps the mobile app safe, reliable and up-to-date for your end users.

Apple iOS & Android Apps

There are several ways to develop mobile applications. Here are some of the technologies we use to make your app available on as many devices as possible:

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Through modern technologies like Google’s Progressive Web Apps, complete mobile apps can be developed based on HTML and JavaScript. Just with an installable icon on the home screen of your smartphone. The application works offline, and things like push notifications are also just available.

But the main advantage of PWAs for your users is: they don’t have to install anything before using your application.

So it is no longer necessary to entice potential users to install an application on their smartphone first. You can simply invite them to use the application directly. The user can still place an icon later via a simple button in the application.

iOS and Android Apps with React Native

iOS and Android Apps with React Native

Another technology for developing mobile applications is React Native. This technology produces platform specific (native) apps that can be showcased in the App Stores of Google and Apple.

The main difference is that only 1 mobile application needs to be developed (in JavaScript) for both platforms. Furthermore, the applications are indistinguishable from native applications written in Objective-C, Swift or Java.

Which development method best suits your needs depends on several factors. With our extensive experience in mobile app development, we are happy to help you make the right choice for your business.

Mobile app development?

Are you looking for a partner that can help you from A to Z in creating a custom app? Ibuildings is an app developer with extensive experience in developing robust (mobile) applications.

What does it cost to develop a mobile app?

To answer these questions, we start with a study in which we list all the functionalities and processes that the mobile app must support. Then we make a concrete plan, in which the development time and budget become clear.

What types of apps can be built?

A mobile app can be developed separately for iOS and for Android (also called a native app). It's also possible to develop platform-independently, for which we use React Native technology. This allows us to develop for both iOS and Android using a shared codebase. Besides installing an app on a smartphone or tablet, there is also the option of having a mobile web app developed, which can be accessed as a URL.

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