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Security is an integral part of everything we do at Ibuildings. We make our extensive expertise in this field available to clients in the form of security audits and advice.

With a security audit we determine whether a web environment has the right security level and we give concrete recommendations to improve the security level. These recommendations concern not only the web environment, but also the development process itself. Because security is not a one-off task, it should be an integral part of the continuous development process.

Application Security Tests

In addition to regular penetration tests and research into the weak spots in an application infrastructure, we can also analyze the application code itself. Thanks to our expertise in the field of PHP technology, we are able to perform an in-depth analysis of the PHP source code and test its security.

Audit your developers, not just your application

Security is above all an attitude and a matter of consistently applying a set of basic rules during software development. In addition to offering a secure software environment to your end users, it is equally important to invest in ‘security thinking’ within your development team.
Ibuildings has experience in conveying the necessary insight, together with the practical tools.

Security Expertise

Security standards

We apply various security standards, including: OWASP ASVS (Open Web Application Security Project Application Security Verification Standard).
This is a standard that prescribes what and how verification of an application should be done and what output is expected.
This ensures high quality and consistent verification.

Identification, Authentication, Authorization

These are three essential security issues for which a range of overlapping solutions and technologies exist. But which solution do you use in which situation?

For example Facebook authentication. How do you integrate that securely and robustly into your own software infrastructure?

Ibuildings has practical and pragmatic solutions to offer maximum convenience to end users, without compromising on security.

JavaScript & Security

A modern web application contains an increasing amount of JavaScript.

Due to the nature of JavaScript, it is very important to design your application infrastructure securely. Ibuildings security audits specifically take into account the latest JavaScript technology in modern web applications.

Audits and advice

Ibuildings offers several security services to help organizations with security issues.

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