After the concept for a new website or web application has been worked out, it’s time to develop the 'real' product.

But what are the next steps? Are all the components clear? And how does the idea fit into the bigger picture? Drawing up a software architecture answers the above questions and enables better strategic choices to be made.

Software architecture building plan

Software architecture is one of the most important parts of software development and largely determines the quality of the (web) application. It is literally the foundation for your online business and ambitions. Our software architects determine, together with you, what the building plan should look like on the basis of an architecture session.

Of course, the way in which the software architecture is shaped differs per project, but there are also a number of standard guidelines that we include in every design:

  • The software is as flexible as possible, so that extensions can easily be made in the long term.
  • The software is maintainable and stable, so that refactoring of the application can take place and bugs can be fixed more easily. This means that you will not have to deal with longer development times or an unstable application.
  • The performance of the application does not deteriorate after delivery of the project, but maintains its speed despite further development & maintenance. This way we prevent a slow application for your end users.

Experienced software architects

A good software architecture is essential for the success of a development project. The database design, the structuring of the application in different layers and determining the development direction already provide the basis for the quality of the online product. That is why it is necessary that a software architect know-how to look at this.

Our software architects design and implement the right architecture for your project or advise your development team at the start of a new development project. We also provide advice for For existing applications we also provide advice through our application architecture audit, so the development within your company can (continue to) continue. With over 25 years of experience in developing business-critical web solutions, we have all the expertise needed to create future-proof software architectures. We have done this for Shapeways, The Content Exchange and several other projects. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your online product.

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