Public Cloud Platforms

We have built up expertise and experience with the 2 largest cloud providers in developing and hosting web applications:

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Serverless Computing

Public cloud providers provide server capacity in an extremely flexible manner: A fully equipped server appears exactly when it’s needed: not a millisecond sooner or longer than it’s needed. That’s Serverless Computing.

The serverless approach offers great advantages. First of all, great flexibility due to the extreme scalability of web applications. The costs of an application can roughly be divided in the costs of:

  • the software
  • the data
  • the infrastructure

In the past, with traditional hosting, you had to estimate in advance how big your database and data traffic would become. In the serverless model this is completely reversed. You pay in retrospect based on your actual use.
And where a traditional service ‘falls over’ at too high a load because many users share the same servers, with serverless each user gets his own server for a while. One for one user and 500 servers for 500 simultaneous users.
This ensures practically infinite scalability. But with one important remark: your application must be designed for this!

And that requires cloud native software development:

Cloud native software development

To use serverless computing, applications must be designed and developed in a certain way. Converting existing applications is difficult and time consuming. And often not possible at all.

With new applications, however, development as a cloud native application is a serious consideration. Cloud services have become an integral part of almost every new application. The profit lies in making optimal use of and embracing that technology.

Our advice is therefore: Develop your new applications as a cloud native application.

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