Tjeerd Bijlsma

Recently I received the question if I wanted to write a piece about how I experience working at Ibuildings (this piece). I had to think about it for a long time, not so much because I couldn’t think of anything, but because there was so much to think about and how to put it into words.

Variety of work and projects

I could only conclude exactly these reasons: being able to think up so much. For me, one of the most important positive points of working at Ibuildings: the wide variety of work and projects.
I have been working at Ibuildings for quite a few years now; as a rookie I started working straight out of school, at a, at that time, relatively small company, and since then I have learned, seen and experienced a lot. Not only in the technical field but also working in a (still) growing organization makes the work very dynamic.
Of course things have been a lot more professional since then, but a large part of the atmosphere and mentality of those days is still present.

Preference determines what you do

Depending on your preference, one moment in a few months project you are doing an optimization of a search engine based on Solr, the next moment in an on-site assignment which is more about work processes. The next moment in the middle of writing a Technical Design in which a self-designed architecture is explained. Another moment later you’re at the coffee machine sparring with a number of colleagues which design pattern is most suitable for this, while just at that moment the appointment for the security audit of the following week is planned.

So if you can appreciate a little (a lot of) variety in your work, you’re in the right place at Ibuildings.