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Terms of employment

At Ibuildings our employees are the single most imporant thing. We can’t do what we do without you! We find it important that our terms of employment suit you as well. That’s why we offer terms of employment that are just as dynamic as your work.
Among other things, we offer you the opportunity to obtain certificates and map out your own career path.

Below you will find a complete overview of the terms of employment.



Your salary will be tailored to your role, experience, the quality of your work and the achievement of jointly set goals. Each year, we evaluate whether your salary is in proportion to your performance. You therefore have a certain amount of influence on your salary.

Holiday pay

Together with your May salary, your holiday pay will be paid. This is 8% of the total fixed monthly salary received during the year.

Holidays and free time

With a full working week of 40 hours, you are entitled to 25 holidays. In addition, you have the possibility to take overtime as time-for-time hours.

Training and development

Personal development

At the beginning of each year, we define the goals for that year based on your growth path. Halfway through the year, we check together whether these goals are still relevant, whether you have already achieved them and what you need to achieve them. This kind of conversation is never one-sided, your opinion and ideas certainly count!

Internal workshops and meetings

Regularly you can attend a workshop on current topics and new technologies.


This is an informal and voluntary meeting during lunch. Knowledge and experiences regarding the latest technologies, customers, projects and working procedures are shared.

Training and courses

Do you want to learn a specific technology and we don’t have the knowledge ourselves? Then we invite experts to teach you! We always encourage you to obtain relevant certificates.

Attending conferences

You can participate in the Dutch PHP Conference free of charge (within your personal development budget) and during working hours. Tickets are regularly made available for other events, such as PHP Benelux.


Flexible working hours

Ibuildings has flexible working hours, you can start between 08.30 hours and 09.30 hours. So you decide for yourself what time your (working) day starts. Partial working from home is always negotiable.

Flexible adjustment of working hours

We understand if you can’t or don’t want to work full-time. That is why we offer everyone the possibility to work part-time (4 day working week) and to take parental leave or, in consultation, unpaid leave.

Insurance and Retirement


Very attractive is our pension contribution, which is 100% reimbursed. This allows you to work on your pension accrual in a very advantageous way.

Affordable health insurance

Another attractive scheme is the collective health insurance scheme. This scheme allows you to participate in a collective insurance scheme at an attractive discount. It is a free choice to make use of this scheme.


Workplace layout

We make sure you have everything at your disposal to make your work more enjoyable. You determine the layout of your workplace.
You choose the brand of your laptop, keyboard, mouse, noise cancelling headphones and other tools you need. You also choose the operating system (MacOS, Windows or GNU/Linux) and the development tools you prefer to work with.

Outdoor activities


If you prefer to play a game of soccer, join our highly qualified table football team during the break :-)

Activities committee

Ibuildings’ activities committee regularly organises activities, such as a games night or a movie night.