Project manager at Ibuildings

Sander de Koeijer

As a Project Manager at Ibuildings, you will work with a team of professionals on the realization, maintenance and creative solutions related to App and Web development. You do this for attractive, medium-sized and large companies.

By using different project management methods and moving flexibly in this rapidly changing and innovative environment, you will be the right partner for a wide variety of clients and different projects.
From my first day I started with beautiful projects and further development projects.

A mature company

"A mature company that exudes confidence, innovation and professionalism."

By radiating trust and giving people all the space they need to develop themselves further, through training, workshops, competence management or applying new techniques, I experience Ibuildings as a progressive and mature company that stands for professionalism and quality.

In addition, the informal atmosphere and the right balance between work and private life are for me a good basis for the future.

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I’m happy to take your call and talk about my experiences at Ibuildings.