Sabine Zegwaart

On 1 August 2003 I made my start at the then still ‘small’ Ibuildings. I did that as a telephonist and helping with the administration. Meanwhile Ibuildings has grown enormously. Over the years I have become responsible for the entire bookkeeping. I also have direct contact with the management for reporting. Ibuildings has also given me the opportunity to study in my field.

DPC a success every year

Working at Ibuildings is certainly varied. In addition to accounting, I also have various tasks such as answering the phone, employee satisfaction, onboarding and giving a helping hand where possible. For our annual conference the Dutch PHP Conference there is always something to arrange. We really do this as a team, where everyone has a part in it and the result is there for it. Every year it is a great success!

A team of young people

What Ibuildings, Ibuildings makes is that you work independently but you can always contact someone. We are a team of young people who are also eager to learn. We are a company that is still growing both as a company and as a person.


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