Laravel is one of the most well-known open source PHP frameworks. Laravel was launched in 2011 with the idea of developing a framework that is easy to use, but can develop more advanced features. The major advantages of the Laravel PHP framework is that it is very stable and reliable. It is also possible to realize features in much less time and there is also a lot of tooling included to make the work of developers as easy as possible.

PHP Laravel framework & Ibuildings

The Laravel PHP framework is especially popular because of its ecosystem in which many integrations are already present by default. Examples of software from the Laravel ecosystem that we use:

  • Horizon to set up queue systems.
  • Sail for setting up the development environment.
  • Jetstream for bootstrapping basic application with Tailwind CSS in combination with a Livewire or Vue frontend.
  • Socialite for connecting with external authentication providers.

The Laravel PHP framework is often used to set up projects in which the desired features can be implemented quickly. Thanks to the various bootstrap packages available, developers do not have to spend a lot of time setting up the basis, but can quickly start building the features.

Laravel PHP projects

As the desired functionality takes shape after several iterations, one can choose to refactor certain parts if necessary. In the beginning, when the focus is on building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), it is not yet necessary to have a rigid software architecture. After all, there is a chance that new insights will mean that certain features are no longer needed, or need to work differently. Then it is not the intention that a lot of effort is already put into certain architectural matters, which have to be adjusted afterwards. As the project progresses and the application takes shape, it is necessary to introduce grids to maintain code quality. Then we can add layers to the code to keep certain parts separate or to work according to certain patterns. In other words, apply an architecture on top of the Laravel base.

In this way we ensure that the application remains maintainable in the future. Especially in projects where the exact wishes of the customer are not fixed at the beginning Laravel is a good and stable base to develop on together with our customers.

Laravel Experts

We are real PHP specialists with a passion for developing proven-technology web applications using the Laravel & Symfony frameworks. For among others Groenendijk Bedrijfskleding and Volkers we have used the Laravel PHP framework in the development of the web application. Wondering what we can do for your PHP application? Please contact us!

what is Laravel?

Laravel is a web framework that can be used as a "stepping stone" when developing a web application. A PHP framework can be seen as a template that a developer can use to develop various features. The Laravel framework is known for its ability to customize large/advanced features.

What are the advantages of Laravel?

The code of the Laravel PHP framework is of high quality which makes the framework stable and reliable. In addition, the Laravel ecosystem has advanced features available by default, which saves a lot of time. The tooling and documentation that comes with it also makes it easier for the Laravel developer to work with the Laravel PHP framework.

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