Marketeer met rode en groene kaart

When it comes to coming up with great slogans, you run into trouble quite often… At least I do, and I should! At least that’s what Thomas Edison thought; “I haven’t failed, I’ve found 999 ways ways that won’t work.”

There you are, with your nice slogans that you are all excited about yourself in front of your critical colleagues….
They all got a red and a green card. If my most awesome slogan, at least that’s what I think, gets a red card from everyone, it is quite a shock.

Fortunately, I am not easily caught and there were certainly a number who received a full green card round. The common interest comes first, and we go for it.

We even found two umbrellas, one for our customer brand and one for our employer brand.

In the brilliant world of digitization, software developers are indispensable, so we set out to find the umbrella that will bring them into our company on rainy days.

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