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More and more companies are using SaaS software in the cloud. And these increasingly support business-critical processes. It is essential that users can rely on the availability and continuity of this software and services. That is what the SaaS software provider will have to guarantee. The Continuity of Internet Services Foundation offers a modern and fully-fledged arrangement for these SaaS services.

Should a SaaS supplier go bankrupt, for example, the foundation steps in to guarantee the continuity and availability of the SaaS service.

To make this possible, both technical and legal measures need to be taken. Together with ICTRecht as the legal party, Ibuildings - as the technical party - will implement this arrangement. This collaboration enables the Continuity of Internet Services Foundation to set up a suitable continuity solution for every cloud service provider.

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In doing so, we go much further than a traditional escrow arrangement: we ensure that cloud services actually remain available by taking over (the management of) the software and hosting infrastructure. Made possible by the legal framework of ICTRecht as legal partner.

SaaS cloud service providers can therefore promise their customers guaranteed continuity thanks to this continuity solution!

Read more on the (Dutch) website of Stichting Continuïteit Internetdiensten.

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