Monica Lous

Monica Lous
November 17, 2020


It is our mission to help companies and organizations with the successful deployment of modern web technology. Of course we make sure that we are up to date with the latest techniques and tools to make this possible. In the content series ’tools we use’ we reveal which tools we use for this purpose. In addition, we give our professional opinion and explain how and why we use these tools.

Cross-browser testing on desktop & mobile

The success of a web application depends on its use. In short: all functionalities must work and users must be able to use them right away. To achieve this, the web application needs to be tested extensively.

At Ibuildings we use Browserstack, among other things, to perform both technical and functional tests. Browserstack has been implemented in the test pipelines of several projects we work on. In addition to these technical tests, Browserstack is also very suitable for manual functional tests.

Functional tester

Monica Lous, our functional tester, uses Browserstack daily for manual browser and operating system testing. For example, Browserstack makes it easy for me to check if our software supports an older version of iOS. Browserstack offers a large amount of browser/OS combinations, so we can do extensive testing.

In the video below I’ll give you an impression of how testing in Browserstack works’’. 👇