Tom Schenkenberg

Tom Schenkenberg
June 8, 2020

Hello World

Today (June 8th) we celebrate the 25th anniversary of PHP!


The driving force behind every open source project is the community around it, and that is no different with PHP. PHP’s global and diverse community provides support, knowledge exchange and a social network between PHP developers. Besides the local PHP User Groups, several large conferences are organized around PHP.

But above all, PHP and the ecosystem of tools around it are being developed by a small army of individual open source developers around the world. Thanks to them, after 25 years, PHP has become what it is today. Ibuildings would like to thank everyone who has contributed to PHP for their efforts!

Content Management and Frameworks

The enormous popularity of PHP technology is partly due to the many content management solutions developed in PHP. For example, WordPress and Drupal have been developed with PHP. But also Yahoo, Facebook, Tumblr and Wikipedia have grown big with PHP.

Application frameworks such as Symfony and Laravel have strengthened PHP as a technology over the past 10 years. Thanks to these frameworks, more complex and extensive applications can also be designed and built. And last but not least, a huge ecosystem of advanced tooling has been developed for modern application development.

Dutch PHP Conference

Our commitment to PHP and the PHP community comes together in our annual Dutch PHP Conference. Ibuildings is the proud organizer of this successful annual PHP conference which is attended by 500+ people from all over the world.

This year we organize the 14th edition of DPC as a (free) online event on 25 and 26 June 2020. Derick Rethans will give a talk about the future of PHP and the new developments for PHP 8.


Ibuildings was founded in 1999 and directly embraced PHP for the development of websites and web applications. That turned out to be an excellent choice! PHP has grown up together with Ibuildings into a mature, stable development language for 78%+ of all websites and web applications worldwide.

And the development of PHP continues at a steady pace: We’re looking forward to PHP 8.0 being released this year. Today in 2020, PHP will be a permanent part of the modern software stack for the development of mobile web applications, back-end and APIs. Its robustness and suitability as a development language for the web is still unmatched. That is why Ibuildings will continue to invest in the PHP community and the deployment of PHP with our clients.

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