Atomium, Brussels

We’ve got great news! Ibuildings launches a new office in Brussels from 1 March 2020.
We are growing considerably because we get new customers and existing customers continue to work with us. We also have the ambition to grow further, and are therefore looking for new talents. We believe that this growth can be better achieved with an extra location.

In Brussels, we have good access to the Belgian labour market and we believe that our working methods and terms of employment are attractive to talented people in Belgium.

We start the branch with a Team Lead and a developer. In addition, we are looking for 2 additional developers to make the right start in Brussels as a team of 4 developers.

Ibuildings DNA

We believe it is important to continue to safeguard our own development process and our vision and core values at all sites. Maintaining our Ibuildings DNA (quality comes first in relation to the goal, honesty, passion and job satisfaction through assignments that suit us) is therefore high on our list of important focal points. This way, our customers keep the same experience at all our branches.

We are looking forward to a successful start of Ibuildings in Brussels!

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Sander de Koeijer

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