Tom Schenkenberg

Tom Schenkenberg
July 17, 2019

Embedded security is something that is a standard ingredient for all the software we deliver at Ibuildings. In fact, our expertise in this area is a reason for many customers to explicitly choose us.

Our client, a large ICT specialist in the educational sector, is exactly such an organisation for whom security is a critical element of all software. In order to be able to guarantee this, she periodically has security audits carried out on her software by an external party.

Recently, a web application we developed for them was also subjected to a security audit by an external party.

Webapplication without problems by the security audit

During the security audit, our web application was tested on the basis of the latest security techniques. This was a so-called “white box” audit, where the auditors could also view the source code.

We are proud to announce that our work has come through the audit with great success. No high-risk problems were found in the entire web application, something the auditors encounter very rarely, they said.

We are of course very pleased with this, because it not only means that our overall security awareness is in good order, but that we continue to prove our expertise in reality.

Last year, a web application of ours, which we developed for a large insurance company, was also scrutinized by external auditors. This did not lead to any high-risk problems at the time.

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